Media Platforms


New technology has made it possible to watch video through a variety of channels aimed at specific audiences.

A corporate video company can be posted on the company’s website, but with sites like YouTube and Facebook, video becomes an incredibly effective and inexpensive advertising tool. A video put together in the right way, can have its own life and achieve extremely high exposure levels.

The new digital display technology in cinemas has made the presentation of a short promotional videos at the pre-shows an attractive, different and inexpensive exposure method.

These are just a few examples of exposure channels. Here to the right are more examples of a number of other platforms.

The possibilities are endless.

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  • Television
  • Cinema
  • DVD/Bluray
  • Internet
  • Mobile Content
  • Fair Stands
  • Digital Outdoor Signage
  • Konferences
  • In-store Screens
  • USB keys
  • Intranet