This dark comedy/action short film is a co-production between Eyelight and Scandinavian Stunt Group.

It has been produced from virtually no budget to show the visual style, feel and level of production we can achieve on even a minimal budget.

The short film is a prologue and “mood board” for an upcoming 90-minute feature film, set to be shot in USA and Thailand.

What you see here is actually the center piece of the upcoming film. In the full length feaure film, we will see the lead-up to the events in the short and then what happens afterwards.

Starring in Official Killers is Dylan Bruno (Narcos, Numb3rs, Saving Private Ryan, Taken 3), Malene Ostergaard (So You Think You Can Dance?, Vild Med Dans) and Thomas Ernst (Heartless, Hvidsten Gruppen)

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